Altro Whiterock Wall Cladding System

Allard & Co are able to supply and install all types of Altro Wall cladding system.

A durable, hygienic alternative to paint or tiles, Altro Whiterock uPVC walling systems provide a decorative, practical and hygienic solution.

Whiterock 1

Benefiting from a watertight, seamless surface, Altro Whiterock is impervious, preventing water ingress into the substrate, thereby avoiding structural damage. It can be hygienically finished around fixtures and fittings; unlike a tiled surface, Altro Whiterock does not require grout so the risk of contamination is dramatically reduced. The fully bonded system includes thermoformed pencil rounded corners giving bacteria nowhere to hide and making it easy to clean and disinfect.

Whiterock 2

Its high durability and low maintenance costs make it an excellent long-term investment.